政綱 Election Platform

All residents in New Territories East, please support Christine Fong, who is independent, pragmatic and committed to serving residents in Sha Tin, Tai Po, Ma On Shan, Sai Kung, Tseung Kwan O, Fanling & Sheung Shui.

Constitutional Development
– Uphold “One Country, Two Systems” principle and way of life remain unchanged
– Uphold judicial independence, freedom of speech, of the press and of publication
– Elect the Chief Executive and LegCo members by genuine universal suffrage
– Put Hong Kong people’s interests first in policy making
– Against Article 23 Bill
– Formulate a political party Law to govern the operation of political parties
– Against filibuster abuse
– Introduce penalty arrangement for the Councilors, e.g. impose wages deductions on councilors with poor attendance record

Population Planning
– Fight for the right to approve one-way permit
– Step up enforcement action at borders to stem the influx of bogus refugees, set up of custodial facility
– Against right of abode in Hong Kong of foreign domestic helpers
– Formulate long-term planning and to achieve sustainability

– Implement free kindergarten education
– Subsidize students with Special Education Needs
– Increase subsidized university places and vocational training based course
– Abolish TSA (Territory-wide System Assessment) for Primary 3 students
– Preserve Cantonese and traditional Chinese character, promote bi-literacy and tri-lingualism
– Increase EMI (English as a medium of instruction) schools
– Encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education and multiple languages learning

Social Welfare
– Put Hong Kong people first in retirement protection scheme
– Replace MPF offsetting arrangement by establishing unemployment insurance system

– Increase subsidized residential care services for the elderly and disabled
– Hospital expansion and increase frontline workers
– Expedite the construction of Chinese Medicine Hospital
– Enhance specialist out-patient and cataract surgery services
– Lower the age requirement for Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme to 65
– Expand the scope of Colorectal Cancer Screening Pilot Programme
– Improve mechanism for handling medical complaints

Environment & Conservation
– Tighten Air Quality Objectives
– Propose offshore waste treatment facility
– Increase electric vehicle charging stations
– Improve bicycle networks in New Territories and promote bicycle friendly policies
– Set up roadside skips registration system
– Increase penalties for illegal felling of incense trees
– Promote waste charging and rewards for waste reduction
– Enact legislation on deliberately spoiling unsold food by supermarkets
– Subsidize recycling industry
– Enact legislation on trees and improve tree management policy

– Abolish fare adjustment mechanism and linking the rate of increase in MTR fares to the profits
– Expedite the construction of Northern Link, North Island Line and East Kowloon Line, addition of “Hong King-Tsui Lam” station
– Buy back MTRC
– Review section fares and routes of buses and public light buses (PLBs), improve lost and delayed trips situation, increase the seating capacity of PLBs
– Expedite the construction of “Tseung Kwan O-Lam Tin Tunnel” in order to ease congestion
– Construct bus-bus interchanges
– Increase parking spaces for private cars, motor cycles and trucks in districts with high demand
– Construct footbridges, expand concourses, entrances/exits in Sheung Shui and Fanling stations
– Monitor carriage of loads of heavy duty vehicles
– Expedite hillside escalators links and elevator systems

Women and Family Friendly
– Encourage breastfeeding-friendly workplace
– Enhance child care service
– Increase female toilet compartments and baby-sitting rooms
– Expand the scope of Cervical Screening Programme
– Increase paternity leave
– Promote flexible work arrangements to empower women workers

Infrastructure and Economic Development
– Establish Project Coordination Office to review and assess infrastructure project
– Promote “green economy”
– Bring in value-added and innovation & technology industries
– Expedite the construction of desalination plant in order to reduce long-term reliance on Dongjiang water
– Examine the feasibility of inspection of travel documents inside trains
– Introduce “Eco-tariff”

Fighting Bid-rigging
– Establish Building Repair Works Authority
– Set up reference costs for building repair works, introduce consultants’ and contractors’ performance rating system
– Amend Cap 344 (Building Management Ordinance)
– Arrange independent advisors for owners

Town Planning
– Establish brownfield sites database, implement the “brownfields and cavern first" policy
– Relocate Hong Kong Golf Club for residential development
– Expedite the construction of public housing, HOS flats and youth hostels
– Optimize the use of vacant school premises and industrial buildings
– Propose new town development in Area 137
– Resume the construction of Municipal Services Building and revitalize the old markets
– Buy back the Link in “area approach”
– Revitalize old district by “old-meets-new approach”
– Enhance FTTH (Fiber to the home) and police force in rural areas

Assisting Middle Class
– Rates concession for owner-occupied residential property, increase allowances
– Support micro-enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises by providing financing guarantee and simplifying administrative procedures
– Regulate intermediates of foreign domestic helpers and blacklist job hoppers
– Regulate retail prices of auto-fuel and combat collusive price-fixing

Food Safety
– Implement a mandatory labelling system for GM food
– Enhance surveillance on drinking water and imported food

Animal Welfare
– Establish “pet police”
– Impose heavy penalties for animal cruelty offenses
– Encourage pet adoption, against illegal private breeding and trading activities
– Construct pet gardens
– Encourage TNVR (trap-neuter-vaccinate-return)

Support for the Needy
– Subsidize hearing-impaired persons for installation of flashing lights
– Provide sign language interpretation in television news broadcasts
– Promote sign language
– Subsidize wheelchair repair

As an engineer, Christine Fong will monitor public fund with her professionalism.